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and I would bet on Hayden reaching at least the semis but then, I don't know Hillarys popularity either
That is going to be a tough one, but like Megan, Hilary is pretty strongly in. Of course, so is Hayden, but in my opinion Hilary is even more popular.

You should be happy, she's nowhere as popular as she once was. I'd prefer to go against Lima than Fox and a few other babes.
Well, I guess you're right. But she's going to be toughest opponent so far, that's for sure.

And like you, I hope that there are a few (or a lot) of anti-Fox voters out there :lloll:
It there are, they sure are pretty quiet ones.. ;)


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My guesses are preety similar:
Natalie Portman
Scarlett Johansson (GroupA)
Hilary Duff (Group A - or Hayden)
Hayden Panettiere
Alessandra Ambrosio
Elisha Cuthbert (Group A)

Megan Fox (Group B)
Mila Kunis
Jessica Alba
Adriana Lima (Group B or Jessica)
Kristen Bell
Kate Beckinsale (Group B)

It's pity that there will be KO match between Elisha and Alessandra and Kristen Bell and Kate Beckinsale.


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Ok, Ana, Hayden, and Kristen should get through, but I fear for Sophia Bush up against Hilary Duff... God knows why, but she seems quite popular on here...

The rest I don't really care too much for.


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i just watched both 'Domino' and 'The Duchess', and i am now convinced that the Keira vs Kate (my traditional fave) descision will be the most difuclt one i will ever have to make ;) those campaigns had better be good.


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I'd like to see Bar going through , ahead of Natalie ,
and the best matchup in my eyes is Charlize against
Alessandra. - The rest should be pretty simple.


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Well.. We could bet ;)
But in general I don't bet on and for anything. Thats not good at all ;)

So let us just see what happens =)


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Re: KO Stage 1, Match 3: Hilary Duff vs. Sophia Bush

Sophia purely because Hillary in no way, shape or form deserves to have advanced out of the group stage. That and I watched The Hitcher last night. WTF is up with Sophia's voice though? Has she got permanent laryngitis or is Eliza Dushku just her vocal coach? She's even worse on One Tree Hill.
We have been hearing : Midget , oversized head , plastic , fake , complaints about tatoo's , complaints about smokers . The list goes on.
Feel free : :fly1:
to have something good to say about the contestants.


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I've been saying somethin' good. Like, Eliza is beautiful, with a smokin bod and dark eyes, luscious
lips and ALL WOMAN. (Or somethin' to that effect) Unlike a certain pubescent midget *ahem*, uh nevermind. Congratulations to Hayden and her sponsor!!!
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