Last movie you watched?


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movie about a superhero, who is not
with Woody Harrelson and cute Kat Dennings

The Package

ok-ish action flick with Steve Austin & Dolph Lundgren

The Killer Inside Me

cool, very raw noir-ish drama/thriller
with Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson & Jessica Alba

Big Fat Important Movie
An American Carol

parody of Michael Moore's documentaries lol
there are some very funny scenes :lol5:

From Paris with Love

pretty cool action flick with John Travolta & Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Punisher: War Zone

another cool action flick, dark & ruthless
V, with your mancrush Ray Stevenson as The Punisher ;)

The Men Who Stare at Goats

cool war comedy with George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges & Kevin Spacey


actually pretty freakin hilarious MacGyver/80s action parody from SNL crew
i expected more MacGyver stuff tho, but nevertheless :rofl1: :lol3:

celery :rofl1: :rofl1: :rofl1:

The Kingdom

good spy/action/drama with Jamie Foxx & Jennifer Garner

Lonely Hearts Killers

good crime/drama based on real events of 1940's
with John Travolta, James Gandolfini, Jared Leto & Salma Hayek



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Man in the Saddle

classic western with Randolph Scott, from 1951

Heaven's Gate

classic epic (almost 4h long) western from 1980
with Kris Kristofferson & Christopher Walken


classic western with Chuck Connors, from 1962


classic western with Dana Andrews, from 1956
and a catchy theme song "A Man Is As Good As His Word" \:D/

The Bounty Hunter

classic western with Randolph Scott & Ernest Borgnine, from 1954

War Paint

classic western with Robert Stack, from 1953

Invitation to a Gunfighter

classic western with Yul Brynner & George Segal, from 1964
*the house of Pat Hingle's character was used in Psycho ;)

Southwest Passage

classic western from 1954
with Rod Cameron, Joanne Dru & John Ireland

Hangman's Knot

classic western with Randolph Scott, Lee Marvin & Donna Reed, from 1952

The Lady Vanishes

great classic mystery/thriller/comedy by Hitchcock, from 1938 :Good1:



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The Hangover Part III

not even close to the first two
but hilarious nevertheless.. just not as much
first 2 were full on comedies, this one is just a mess

some jokes were just lame & way too forced
but then some had me in stitches :rofl1: :rofl1: :rofl1:

...but the post-credits scene was the funniest shit!
it made me laugh so fuckin hard, i was gasping for air! (it did drag for a bit too long tho)
:rofl1: :rofl2: :rofl3: :rofl4: :rofl1:



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good drama/thriller with Shia LaBeouf & Sarah Roemer

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

i liked the series, but this movie.. i barely made it all the way thru..
the camera work, the acting, the story.. everything was meh
Ellen Muth was kinda cute-ish in the series, but here.. she never looked that unattractive before :|

Death Race 2

nothing special, but an ok action flick with hot chicks & badass rides
Luke Goss is alright, and Lauren Cohan is one mean but hot Bitch :)
sequel/prequel to the one with Jason Statham


ok movie, some cool action.. but nothing special, with Nicholas Cage, Juliane Moore & Jessica Biel
and wtf is up with Cage's hair last couple years.. its just takes away from the movies

Star Trek

i was sceptical at first, but its actually a very good movie :Good1:
both Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto, and the rest did a good job


Elizabeth Berkley naked. also Gina Gershon... :devil1:
movie isnt as bad as they say, but its also far from good

Find Me Guilty

ok movie about a farse that was the longest mafia trial in US history
starring Vin Diesel & Peter Dinklage

Red Cliff

great historic epic by John Woo :Good1:
i caught on tv the "international version (2 movies shortened into 1)"
and it gets confusing at times, some things just happen without explanation really :rolleyes1:

El Mariachi

the movie that put Robert Rodriguez on the map


ok comedy/crime about finding money thats not yours
could be even better.. but at least its without the usual happy ending



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The Cowboys

classic western with John Wayne from 1972
*yes, its the one where JW's character dies :shock1:

Marathon Man

great classic 1976 thriller with Dustin Hoffman & Laurence Olivier

Fort Massacre

classic western from 1958 with Joel McCrea

Red River

great classic western from 1948 with John Wayne & Montgomery Clift

The Spikes Gang

classic western from 1974 with Lee Marvin & a very young Ron Howard

The Last Detail

classic comedy/drama from 1973 with Jack Nicholson

Major Dundee

classic western from 1965 by the master of unorthodox westerns, Sam Peckinpah
starring Charlton Heston, Richard Harris & James Coburn

The Stranger Wore a Gun

classic western from 1953 with Randolph Scott

North by Northwest

great classic spy/crime masterpiece from 1959 by Alfred Hitchcock
starring Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint
the one with the legendary airplane chase in the cornfield ;)

Support Your Local Sheriff!

classic western/comedy from 1969 with James Garner