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i ws wndrin if ne1 else was in2 moded cars? i am cnt wait to trn 17 get a car , do itup 2 da bolox


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You're 16. Do us all a favor and don't 1) get a car, 2) modify any car you do happen to get, 3) drive your car like you're 3Fast3Furious. I'm tired of seeing guys driving their Civics around with mufflers thinking they have a fast car. Save your McDonald's paychecks and don't buy stupid clear taillights and retarded graphics. You'll also save yourself from being laughed at, because while you think you have a cool car, everyone else knows you don't. Save your money and get an education, then when you can afford to responsibly modify a car, actually heighten what it's worth, and make it look better instead of trashing it with your minimum wage budget, go at it.

Also, learn to type in English. No one likes trying to decode your gibberish because you're too lazy to use correct grammar. :roll:


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turn2ashes is kinda right :D's a real funny post too...but i know what you mean...hahaha...guys in civic''re SO right


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TheDevil said:

Fuckin nice post, dude! That's a car from Dahlbäck racing here in Sweden. Fuckin 800 bhp!
yeah, i know! on their page are pretty cool videos of that car ;) and one called 'the annoying thing' it´s a laugher!!! :lol:


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I agree with Jan. Euro-peeimp is the way to go. Of course, I wouldn't mind me a nice Jap import, but modding all those cheap cars like Civics and CRXs has got to go!



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Where I used to live I didn't see any modded up cars but since I moved I've seen tons of modded up cars... some sick ones as well. I do like them and I do like racing games like NFSU and burnout.


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ashes your pretty damn right. all those people how put a muffler on their civic and think its fast can just get hit by a dumptruck for all i care, they piss the hell outa me. however those cars can be made to go very fast. 200+mph in the quarter a CRX....yea my friend saw that happen.