My Friend pulled a "FRANK THE TANK" !!!


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Hey guys...

Alright u wanna hear a funny story here it is...

I got a job working at a manufacturing plant this summer. I was liked a lot there cause i wasnt an ass and worked hard...anyway one of my co-workers was holding a house party because she just bought a new house. And im only 18 and most of my co-workers are older than me incuding shanon (who was hosting the party) anway i decide to bring one of my good friends chris along.
Alright i bought a 12 pack of smirnoff raspberry and chirs and i were going to split it in half..... anyway i told him , "dont get fucked cause these are the people i work with"....and hes like aiight man...dont worry... we got drinking and he drank his 6 coolers and 4 other coolers and by this time he was fucked...cause he drank them over like a 2 hour period of time...and so Shanon (the host of the party)---her husband decided to have a "chugging competition" and of-course my friend (already pissed) trying to be big was like ya!!! give me some of this shit...
so he drank 3 beers (labatts i think), in under 1 then im like omfg this kid is going the fucking and whats he do after....
.....asks for 2 cigarettes that would turn his stomic even more this time i was shitting my pants because i didnt want take care of him if he decided to throw up ....anyway the people at the party were having fun telling my friend to do stupid shit....and yes.... did come he fucking hurlled all over the we bring chris into the house...and he said he needed to take a whatever.....he went to the washroom....and he locked the while he was taking a shit...he fell off the shitter unconscience -.-

its been a while so i was like wtf where is i knock on the door and hes not answering...(however after a few min he finally said something, however i couldnt understand him cause he was too fucked to speak)..he said that he fell off the shiiter and cant get after like an hour i finally made him crawl to the door and he opened it....
But this is the part u guys will shit your pants....

.... anyway i open the door and there is throwup all over the place the floor the toilet and the garbage...when the fumes hit me...jesus i was like omfg lol i almost hurled.....anyway i looked at him....HE WAS COMPLETELY NAKED.....(i stopped and thought to myself one thing only......HOW THE FUCK.....)

so i stopped and thought it was sorta i made him at least put on his finally the rest of the group came and took him out side...and put a shirt om (all he had on was a shirt and boxers)...on the frount lawn at like 2 am in the morning...he was falling from side to side...and...and...there was a shiity toilet paper hanging out of his boxers...(which the group took pictures of and i thought was funny) eventually i called his parents to pick him up (considering he is only 17 years old o_O) ...they came and finally picked him up....THEN....
...i thought to myself...and remembered that i told him not to fuck this party up.....guess it didnt work....

anyway the next morning...i woke up and was wonding about chirs...if he was aiight or not...and i thought to myself...ya hes probably good...however at this very same time at his house he is throwing up milk in the toilet......ehehehe (anyway he threw up for like 2 days after that and he was aiight)....

...OO and PS the shirt that they gave him when he was drunk...he still has it...

lol...thus proving chris is stupid when he is drunk...anyway...tell me your thoughts on the story...ill show my friend this after) >:)


New member did u manage to enter the toiletroom with all these shit innit, I would have have done a turn over..baah


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im 19 years old...and by finished with the whole getting drunk thing...been there done that...its just a in control of yourself...know your limits...dont get wasted and act like a fucking morron...youre a disgrace of yourself then...come on :?


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ahaha, i read my story again lol, always funny, never seems to fail.
Its especially fun when chris and i are in a group with hot girls and i mention the story............



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Nice story... but the problem is... I've already seen this story on another Board... dunno where... I don't think this really happen to any of your Friends especally not to "Chris"

But anyway always a nice story to read


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guys come on....this story is not fake....i dont know where u are getting that idea...but if u say there is the same story...plz post the website...but im am disappointed in u guys for thinking that...i can assure u its not fake.



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hmmmm this is a life changing decision.... do i believe him or not? this could mean the destruction of the earth!!! oh no!! what do i decide?!!!!!!!!


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ahh, ok ok....i didnt mean to anger u...its just that the story isnt fake...actually when i was thinking about how u seen other posts of these stories on the internet its probably ture, cause this isnt the first time it happened...but the story isnt fake.. :shock:


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this is either a duplicate i know i heard it somewhere else or just a coinsidence...might have been on


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It's most likely just a dumb coinsedence.
it's not impossible you know, I had once a funny accident, but I remebered also, that I read similar thing on internet :|

use google it searches words I'm very confident that google finds similar stories :|


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it is not a fake story !! :evil:

damn it, lol im sure im not the only one who had a naked friend on the washroom floor drunk there are probably tones of people who had the same "incident" as me and posted the story on the internet, but im telling u this isnt fake. :x

i dont post false topics, plz just because u might of seen it somewhere else, doesnt make my "little adventure fake" :!:

*this post isnt here to offend or insult anyone, plz dont take it the wrong way*