Plastic Surgery. pro or con?

Plastic surgery?

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What is your opinion about plastic surgery?

I think that it's not an improvement. To give a example, I think Tara Reid looked better before her breast implants. Before she had a more natural look (which I think is way nicer than big hooters or something like that) and now here body is out of proportion.


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Pro: if a girl has no breasts, she can get a B cup or something like that and it will still be ok for me.


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Akuma said:
Depends on whether it makes the breast unnatural looking.
thats my opinion too. if it looks good (like carmen Electra or anyone else no prob) but when it looks bad no


I don't think it is necessary. But in some cases (like medical reasons) it is a good thing.
Ofcourse I understand if you're a topmodel you do find a certainty in plastic surgery.
But for girls who just want/need bigger boobs can use a wonder bra,...
or like they say , the way you dress can help in many ways. :D


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dont like it too much. sure for some it works (carmen electra mostly) but i mostly disagree with it


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If it's for a medical reason of some sort, then it's okay. But when a girl is just like "I want bigger boobies" that's just stupid. You don't see guys going around getting penis implants. Usually. :lol:


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If ur not happy with urself and u can change it??

Why not if it really gives you, girls and her breasts, more confidence then go for it


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I believe natural beauty too.. But if look liek rosie donald then i think u need make over.. realy i don't care that women problem :p but if u turn out like jessica alba why not!! :D


I use to think that Ashlee Simson was ugly! But thanks to Plastic Surgery, I now find her kind of HOT!