Pop Up Ads


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Download the Yahoo toolbar or google toolbar...both block pop up adds ez.....i havnt got any on skins in like 5 months


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Dropkick_Murphy said:
use mozilla or opera for browsing on the internet and you'll never get popups
I did have one popup on Opera. not perfect :p I say Opera.
Those toolbar's are handy or if you would just update explorer it has new update that blocks popups...
nearly works :lol: but anyway it's better than nothing I guess.


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Spy ware can also cause it...
how about n-case ;)
My advize dont go to too much sex/porn sites :D (only for the pop-ups)


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Please veryone -> make a screenshot of our website when getting a popup. We need to know which 3th party advertiser is doing this, so we can remove them..

Email the screenshot to info [at] skins [dot] be