Post your OWN car


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in this topic your car don't have to be moded :wink:

i'm just curious about the cars all over the world

this is mine



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i dont understand you, your profile says that you are a proud member of the belgium peugot club
why you bought a mercedes benz???
PS: i woulkd prefer a peugot 206


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this is my first car, its now almoste 19 years old and used to be my grandfathers car...

I also have a peugeot bud it is not ready yet for the streets 8)
its a peugeot 205 CTI
for those who don't know the car, mine is a 1.6 liter whit 115 bhp

this is how its gona look like (I hope):


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I have just this small Chervolet chevy-van -95
6,5 v8 (over 200hp) automatic. Nothing special (yet :wink: ).





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Glenn thats a pretty sweet car.... its hard to find that brand of cars in AMerica

1999 CHEVY MAILBU LS V6 150 HORSE 190 Torque 0-60 IN 8.5 SEC


how gay?


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bottom row, 3rd car over from the left. it's red. nothing special right now, but when i get some money i will put it into it.


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nothing special ????? :shock:

that thing has more than 200 bhp on the rear wheels :D

the first one from the left is a nice one, what kind of mr2 is it?


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its a 91 turbo. prolly like ballpark 180-190 hp to the wheels now. nothing special cause the paint is horrible, i need door panels too. missing a bunch of little stuff here and there. are you referring to the dark blueish one?

once i get some money together or stop having to spend it by maintaining the hell out of it, i am going for big power, and i will prolly buy a black non-turbo to put the stuff in. i prefer to have a black one over a red one.


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after the barbecue (which is where the pic of the cars were taken) like 80% of us went up this crazy hillclimb road. we drove a few miles as a back of 11 or 12 mr2's all the way into the city, then drove up the hill. there is a pagoda at the top of the hill. i have a video from the last car in the pack.


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My 'new' wheels.

At the moment it is completely standard, but there are a lot of modificatios to come.

It's a Chrysler Stratus, which you hardly ever see in my country (The Netherlands)


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Just stumpled upon this thread...

I drive a Peugeot 206, completely standard, since I'm not very much into modding. And yes I know it's a bit of a girly-car... ;)
Thanks for bumping this thread. A Peugeot 206 is quite a nice a car. Especially for cities where it's hard to find a parking lot.

I'm driving a Mitsubishi Lancer (family car). Not exactly my dream car but it's doing the job :D