Request Guidelines

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How to request a babe

  • Check with the Search Function if the babe isn't already in another thread or request
  • Open a new topic here.
    • Topic Subject Name: e.g. Carmen Electra (One name per topic)
    • Then describe why you want to request her.
  • No general requesting. Like: asian girls, boobs, girls in costume,...
  • Don't get pissed off when your request isn't fulfilled.
  • When nobody answers your request within a month. The topic gets deleted. When you see that your request has been deleted, you may post the request again. In the meanwhile don't bump your topic!!!
  • Fulfilled requests will be removed in a few weeks so check your request often!
How to fulfill a request

  • First: "Use google" is not a good answer.
  • Do not post any pictures/links in the request topic itself.
  • Open a new topic under the appropriate section: Celebs or Unknowns.
  • Then post a link to the new thread in the request topic.
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