Round 4 / Match 02 - Adriana Lima V Jessica Alba

Who's going to make it into the Final 4?

  • Adriana Lima

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Jessica Alba

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  • Total voters
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-V- said:
Rabies said:
Arguing on the Internet is like running in the Paralympics - even if you Win, you’re still a Retard
where did you get that from??
dont remember.. saw it somewhere..

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Into The Blue eh...

i like Jessica since i saw her in Idle Hands :twisted:

whats that like 2000 or sth :)

Janka Pusta

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The three days for the match are over, Adriana wins! :D
She had one of the toughest (if not the toughest) opponent in the tournament and I'm glad she is going into the next round. In the end the loyalty of her fans determined her victory.


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guys, guys, not so overhasty
you forget that some guys cheated

and so I have to cut 9 votes of Adriana and that means that Adriana got exactly as much votes as Jessica, so we have a draw

I hoped the whole day that this won't happen, but I have to make another Aftermatch :? , of course with the new voting-rules
Well thats good news to hear that Jessica isn't out yet! But I'm disappointed to hear that some idiots (sorry, but these cheaters are idiots) have to cheat!


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i just read the whole topic and.... what the fuck.... why do you people treat this tournament as it would be the most important in the world..........

you discuss and even insult the other users for voting against your favourite?
you cheat in this just-for-fun tournament?

i dont want to insult anyone, but if you think its worth it, then PLEASE get a real life :/


Well, im very sad that there will be a rematch because of these f***** cheaters, but OK lets do the best out of it...
good luck to both babes and PLEASE everyone support adriana as you did before, then we can redo this surprise :D
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