Plz Change ur's WebSite Layout thats ..... man


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the layout is my design :twisted: , I hate sites with flechy colors and fonts, for me a site must be simple!


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i think its a good layout, when you are searching for something its easy to find

when i visit a site it must be well organized, i dont wanna have the feeling that i'm visiting las vegas...


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jep its just perfect. (but the list of celebs and models becomes longer and longer :wink: )


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No drop down window that would be gay the site is sweet alrdy dont mess with it. except the pic on the side could go down father maybe?.....?


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I'm a webdesigner myself, and I also like clean and simple designs. One thing that you could do is make several headers, and make a javascript that picks one at random, so there is a bit of a change. Most people come back to the site all the time, and nobody would complain about a change in the header each time they visit.

I would even want to create some headers for you, so PM me.

And if you realy want to have some cool headers, have a contest for the registered user, the best header wins a date with a girl from the list... 8) :lol: (or something else, who knows)


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Thanks everyone

:lol: Thanks Guys & Girls For Ur's Heavy Responses. plz dont change ur layout everyone love it.