Solving the load problems of the forum

nimda Technics

Short introducing:
The forum and the whole community grows every day. On the 30th december we had more than 1100 users online. At the same time!
That causes problems with our hardware setup of the forum.

The last days we had some problems with the performance of the forum, but that is not new I think.

During the next week - likely - we will move whole - that means main page, imagehoster and the forum - in a new computer center and to new and more powerful hardware.

Because of that and because of the urgent problems with the load of the forum servers, we will update the forum software today and move to a bit stronger frontend server as interstation.

That means, that the forum - and only the forum - could be unreachable or turned off for some time today.

So please fasten your seatbelt! This landing could get a bit bumpy. :fly1:


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Thank you for the informations, nimda...

But btw. the Mainpage of ( is not affected by this works, so the mainpage will run without problems.
We will inform you here about the next results.

bye naj


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looking forward to it :Good1:

the past days database errors n such were pretty common yea...

this means the pix will load faster as well rite? nice!

nimda Technics
The first step - software updates of vbulletin and vbseo - has been finished.
Next steps - move to the interstation and move to the new hardware/computer center - will follow tomorrow and next week.

At the moment the system runs stable - but we need more power because of the growing community soon. So that will not be the last time the forum is down for maintenance.



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I actually got used to slow loading. When I think of fast loading images, I become very happy.



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thanks nimda... looks good... :)

But in this new version of the vBulletin Software it is not longer allowed to use your username as your password. Everyone who use it must change it during the login process. Thank you!


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who would use the username as password?? That is so unsafe :shock1:

anyways... good job making the forum and site a faster and better place to be :) gg guys! :D


Blu Ray™
Try using a proxy. If it works through the proxy then it's not your fault.

edit: turns out it doesn't work for me when using a proxy...


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Forum seems to be a bit slower for me lately (pics loading rather slowly), I'm sure it has plenty to do with everything being moved, but I just thought I'd let you guys know.