Sung Hi Lee


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ye of mine too...she's more then fine just SO loving asians...and...ehm...does anyone knows where i can get old playboys? ;)


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OK, here's my last package of Sung Hi:

And if any1 would like these wallpapers in better quality, simply PM me.. cause I've just noticed they don't look like mine (lol), I guess something happens to them during the upload (or maybe it's the jpeg compression I've made...)


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if you open a new topic...first look if there aint already a topic bout that girl/woman...

...but fuck it...everybody is making doubletopics these days...and putting topics on the wrong places... :?


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This is my 1. picture post, hope you like.

Sung Hi Lee pictures
All kind of pictures
Maybe they are small & old, but i havent saw them before in here.
795 pictures
87mb (thumbs 2,8mb)

Enjoy ! :wink:

ps. if that link wont work, try this