Tawny Roberts


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eeeww :!: :!: :!:
look at that horrendus face...
she dont even know how to put make up on

and what the hell is wrong with her nipple?


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Well.. she is a pornstar right? they arent supposed to be pretty. Just have boobs and be able to take a dick.. thats about it.


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lol.....Shes is prety hott....she doesnt have Huge boobs shes probly a B cup or somthing.........Having no make up on and looking that good is really good i wouldnt want a girl with 1 inch think make up


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babeaddict said:
dude look at her boobs in the first picture... and then look at her boobs in the second set of pictures... didnt they grow a bit? and some1 is saying that she hasnt had operations?

and + she's nasty she pees on the street...
A lot of women have implants. So what?

As for the whole urinating on the street thing...

Whatever floats your boat. :lol:

Classy girl.... NOT
Most porn stars are?


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If they where classy they wouldnt do porn.....lol theres also pics of her peeing on snow lol ( yum yellow snow)