The RHYME post


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I am doing this on another message board and its a GREAT way to battle intelligence and frustration about things in your life. It can also be quite comical and a good read. So read and respond with a rhyme of your own. I look forward to doing lyrical battle with everyone!

Here is mine to start things off.

I am a newbie on this board, looking at all the chics
thank god for free speech, and lotion cream for our *****
the images I see, day in and day out
why would anyone have a reason to pout?
I dont know anyone here, but would like to make connections
considering with all the fine girls, arent we all getting erections?
this rhyme is made as a joke, dont take it to heart
for I am a funny one, like on the simpsons, whats his name...Bart!
I do rhymes like this all day, on various other boards
I was blessed with lyrical ability, thank you lord.
so come back with an attempt of your own, I like a challenge
make it fun, angry or brutal, hell even get some revenge
it can be a rhyme of anything, like what happened last night
when ole barn fell down the steps, it was wet, I fell to my right
I scuffed my elbow, sprained a muscle in my neck and back
but luckily, I am a big guy, the fall was cushioned by my fat crack
yeah im ok, not much pain right now
but you shoulda heard it, this big boy went POW!
I will now end my rhyme, before I say too much
show me your best rhymes, give me the ole 1-2 punch!


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I hope that they will not do that, and will actually invest the time to post about what I said, retaliate against me, and you cant quote that from a website.


Hey. This post is not a rhyme or an answer to this thread...
Just thought people should see it.. And get it into the head
Don't post a lot of new crap on this page
unless you got a burning desire, a passion, a rage!