What do you like about girls?


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for me its not only the boobs or the eyes, she just have to be right, not perfect, but just right, a natrual beauty! :InLove: 8)


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and what iff the girl is left wim? and not right?

for me the girl has to be sweet not a babe
nice to talk to

but who cares about that, this is skins, babes rule this place :D


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1. Eyes
2. Smile
3. Boobs
4. Ass

In some cases:
1. boobs
2. boobs
3. boobs
4. ass



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:D like this question...well me amz a leg lova..but if there covered up by trousers :cry: i say the eyes n the hair..i. like long brown straight hair..with any colour eyes..they always match ^^


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I have a kind of fetish with the nails so my first look its in the nails 2nd the eyes 3rd boobs 4th stomach (if she's using a short shirt) and the Ass the most important :D


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One thing is for sure, eyes are beautiful in all different ways and that is the first point for me when i across a "nice" looking girl.
And don't forget about the face, including the haircolor/style.
(i'am really a fan of brunette's :roll: )

And if i get a change to lower my eyes, the body will be the third thing i will notice :lol:


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nice feet, legs, the area behind the knees. i almost get a boner when i see a gir with a good body bend forward kinda a little, and she has her feet together, and you look from the ass down, it goes, thick, skinny, skinny, and looks cool. nice boobs that can be held in a hand. panyhose and stalkings. face, eyes. you name it. don't care for blondes at all.


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First of all she has too have a nice smile, imagine seeing a hot girl but when she smiles her teeth are like yellow ....ew.....anyway......so it's the smile that matters first to me, the eyes, her personality and of course i can't forget about the ASS and the BOOBS, but ass comes before boobs 8) :lol:


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3rd...Stomach....NO FAT CHICKS MAX of 130 pounds