Who has got the KILLER LOOKS?

There r so many models who r hot n sexy. But who has got the killer looks to mesmerize any guys on their way

I go vth

Laetitia Casta

May Andersen

Virginie Ledoyen


Mila Kunish


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i agree with my man "daman," adriana will have you mesmerized without you even knowing it..................................... you see, i told you.


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DaMaN said:
desibeats said:
Natassia Malthe

credit to scanner
Yeah, i like her to... shes from norway btw... scandinavian and brazilin girls are the best...

Totally agree with u. I was on crete this summer there i saw some really hot scandinavian girls... Swedish Danish Norwegian and don't forget Iceland, where more than 50% of all ppl are girls :shock:

Sorry for you finnish guys never spoke one there :p


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no, dont forget about iceland... i have close family on iceland and i have been there many times...


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When i went to mallorca in 2002 me and a friend hooked up that girls for iceland pfff i'll never forget that


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Of the pictures in this thread, May Anderson is the best. In general, the hottest babes for me are Adriana Lima and Petra Nemcova :oops: