www.skins.be/user-uploads not loading/slow ?


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any one else having issues with the user uploads part of the site not loading ?

as i type this, i am on page 42, all i get is a blank page after it sits on " waiting for Skins.be.... " for 30 seconds or so... i have also had thumb nails not loading, while others do, when i open a pic to another page, some load properly, some don't. is this part of the move, or are there other reasons for this ???


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I've run into this issue where either the images never loaded or were insanely slow to load. Though it was only once so far and only in opera


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Since i know Skins.be it has always been that way,
since some days i can't even access the user-uploads because it just doesn't show the page.
I think skins is just usin' some bad servers.


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user uploads

for the last few weeks it is next to imposable to to open the user uploads and when I can get into the user uploads I can get about 10 pages and the whole thing freezes up. you need to fix the problem


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Is Skins.be's servers schedule to be upgrade/improved soon ?

Cuase its so so slow since several months now :(
Because of that, I spend less time here, on the forum