Your favorite alcoholic drink?


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Mix: Malibu-Coke
Beer: Dommelsch (Hein is good too :))
Strong: Hennessy cognac
To get drunk with: Jack or Johny Walker


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just cider 4 me thnx

mainly strongbox..cos wen im sick from drinkin 2 much, i cud drink alot more the day after, where-as with otha wud put me off :p
(CsC = College student Cocktail)


Take one 10 gallon bucket.

Add 6-pack of Budweiser
Add 6-pack of MGD
Add 6-pack of Busch
Add 6-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon
Add 1/5th of Vodka (cheap american brand, no good Absolut or Smirnoff)
Add 1/5th of Monarch Rum (omfg, worst shit EVER)
Add 1 liter of Sprite/7up
Add 1 liter of Coke/Pepsi
Add 1 bag of smashed frozen blackberries or blueberries
Add 15 capfuls of Everclear

Stir until mixed throughout, pour into cups with icecubes, distribute.



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everlear?? ewwwwwwwwwww
i dont drink much since im sixteen and live in the states. lol

though, dr.pepper with smirnoff vanilla twist is good


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ive only drank on 2 occasions ever. jeez. and it was very minimal and i dont plan on doing it again,, not for a long time anyway.